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Research Collaborative (RC)

has become a trusted go-to research, strategy, messaging, and collaborative convening hub for progressive national, state and local organizations working to realize the promise of a truly equitable, multi-racial democracy.

RC generates and disseminates research, message guidance, and strategic approaches to address the pressing crises of the day and to put forward a long-term compelling progressive narrative for democracy.

Check out the Way to Win YouTube Channel with loads of incredible videos based on the Race Class Narrative:

The Freedom Over Fascism Toolkit provides narratives and guidance on messaging related to current events, and is updated with the latest guidance as events unfold.



Defend Democracy

About Defend Democracy Project in Wisconsin

The Defend Democracy Project works with leading organizations, noted experts and critical validators in Wisconsin to make sure Donald Trump and his MAGA allies’ plot to overturn elections can’t go forward under the cover of darkness.

Protect Democracy

is a cross-ideological nonprofit group dedicated to defeating the authoritarian threat, building more resilient democratic institutions, and protecting our freedom and liberal democracy. Our experts and advocates use litigation, legislative and communications strategies, technology, research, and analysis to stand up for free and fair elections, the rule of law, fact-based debate, and a better democracy for future generations.

The Authoritarian Playbook for 2025

How an authoritarian president will dismantle our democracy and what we can do to protect it