Racial Justice & Equity

The Oregon Area Progressives support efforts of area non-profit, private, governmental and educational organizations to address the vast inequities in our society based on race.

As individuals, we understand that privileges given or withheld based on skin pigmentation - or lack of it - have no justification and are learned biases perpetuated over generations. We strive to be inclusive in our undertakings and endeavor to confront racism and racist policies whenever and wherever we encounter them.

Many organizations and non-profits are doing work on Racial Justice & Equity. The Race to Equity Report and Roadmap to Equity, published by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families in 2013 and 2016, respectively, outline the incredible disparities in Dane County and are a call to action for caring communities to address injustice and inequity.

These area non-profit organizations are directly engaged in racial justice and equity work. Check out their websites for information and volunteer opportunities.




Kids Forward (formerly WCCF)


Madison-area Urban Ministry


Urban League of Greater Madison


Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development


Commonwealth Development, Inc.


Freedom, Inc.


Standing Up for Racial Justice