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The work of protecting our rights continues.  In February and in April, the composition of the Wisconsin Supreme Court will be on the ballot.  It's essential we elect a progressive to the open seat.


There are two progressive candidates on the ballot for the primary election, February 21.  They are:

Judge Everett Mitchel and Judge Janet Protasiewicz.




Please vote for either Mitchell or  Protasiewicz. 




Opinion: The most important Wisconsin spring election in modern history:  by John Nichols, January 3,2023.

Key points:   The contest for an open seat on the State of Wisconsin Supreme Court will determine the fate of voting rights, gerrymandering, and reproductive rights for Wisconsinites , among many other important issues that will come before the court.

Read the whole article here:  https://captimes.com/opinion/john-nichols/opinion-the-most-important-wisconsin-spring-election-in-modern-history/article_5edc4919-7b3d-5e2a-83d4-08d3b50bd937.html%C2%A0.


Make sure you're registered to vote and have the necessary ID by going to www.myvote.wi.gov

Volunteer to work at your local polling place and contact OAP to assist with voter  protection activities.  https://mobilize.us/s/F8UwJ


"I come as one, I stand as tens thousand."

Maya Angelou




Oregon Area Progressives support the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and democracy.



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