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As part of an effort called Project 2025, right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation and a consortium of the most extreme MAGA organizations, advisors, election deniers, and Jan 6 supporters. It is not the Heritage Foundation or the GOP you once believed in. This group spent $22 million to prepare this authoritarian plan, and released a 920-page document that sets out the MAGA agenda for every aspect of Americans’ lives.


From sabotaging our elections to cutting the resources we need for education and from eliminating Social Security and Medicare to dictating the religion we can practice, Project 2025 details how the MAGA movement seeks to take away freedoms from every aspect of our lives. It includes banning contraception and taking away our freedom to choose if and when to start a family, eliminating corporate regulations, and allowing discrimination.


Governor Evers signs new legislative maps into law on Feb. 19, effectively ending gerrymandering in the state.


A big victory in the 13-year battle by Wisconsin's grassroots progressive groups and pro-democracy organizations for fair maps.  

Challenges are expected, but it is believed these maps will begin to turn the tide toward a fairer statewide election in 2024.

WPR: Evers Signs Law Ending Gerrymandering, February 19, 2024.




The Oregon Area Progressives support President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. OAP is organizing to help re-elect them and other Democrats on the ballot in 2024.


Find more information about Biden/Harris accomplishments HERE.


Oregon Area Progressives support the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

To donate to support humanitarian relief, check out these options: How To Donate To Ukraine Relief Efforts


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