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There was no reason for the Supreme Court to hear Trump's appeal, other than to purposely postpone the January 6 federal trial. 

If the Supreme Court had not taken the appeal, we would be eight weeks into the January 6 federal trial and nearing a verdict. Because they took this appeal, a trial will, at best, have to take place at the height of the campaign season, which will politicize it even further.

Most of us believe that voters pick our leaders and deserve to know whether someone running in this election is guilty of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our last one. This is why the Supreme Court must reject Trump’s immunity claim by May 20th, allowing sufficient time for Trump’s 2020 election insurrection trial to conclude before we cast our ballots. 

But the MAGA Justices on the Supreme Court are delivering for the billionaires who bought them -  delaying Trump’s criminal trial for attempted insurrection because they fear what will happen when voters know the truth. 

Despite total lack of legal precedent and universal rejection by lower courts, the MAGA Justices on the Supreme Court have decided to hear Trump’s claims of absolute presidential immunity in order to help him seize power so they can enact an agenda by, of and for the billionaires that landed them their Supreme Court seats.

By agreeing to entertain the fiction that presidents are free to commit crimes, these justices are further delaying voters' most basic right: to have a ruling on and justice for the criminal conspiracy to silence our voices.

The very Supreme Court Justices caught taking gifts from their backers without facing consequences want to keep Trump from facing the consequences of his efforts to spread lies, sow division and seed the deadly January 6th attack on America.

Clarence Thomas, in particular, must recuse himself as his own wife had a key role in this attack. 

The Supreme Court has ruled in critical cases, especially about electoral concerns, with extraordinary speed before; they can and must reject the immunity claim by May 20th to allow sufficient time for a jury of everyday Americans to reach a verdict in Trump’s 2020 election insurrection trial before voters must reach our own verdict in this year’s election. 

We will not allow justice delayed to become democracy destroyed.


Governor Evers signs new legislative maps into law on Feb. 19, effectively ending gerrymandering in the state.


A big victory in the 13-year battle by Wisconsin's grassroots progressive groups and pro-democracy organizations for fair maps.  

Challenges are expected, but it is believed these maps will begin to turn the tide toward a fairer statewide election in 2024.

WPR: Evers Signs Law Ending Gerrymandering, February 19, 2024.




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