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We also share this poem with you, both for inspiration and solidarity.  We hope you like it as much as we do.


"As If"

        By Suzy Toronto

Some days you just have to act "as if....."

... you know, “As If” everything is okey “As If” everything is normal,

and “As If” everything is just business as usual (despite the fact that you know it’s just an act).

Some people call if “Fake it till you make it.”

But I like to think of it more as acting with faith.

It’s about believe in something you can’t see or touch.

It is about reaching deeper
into yourself than ever
before to find your true
strength and courage even if they’re right alongside doubt and fear.

And it’s about ignoring the voices around you and tell them to give up.

Think of this way.

What if just around the next corner a shiny brass ring is awaiting for you?

What if the rainbow’s end is just around and bend its pot of gold emblazoned with your name?

What if you act “As If” for just one more minute?

This is not the time to wimp, out and be a chicken.

This is the time to press forward with faith.

This is the time to put on our game face and act “As If” nothing were impossible.

When you do, you will stand tall with conviction and pride, knowing you have finally created the life you’re always imagined.

-Suzy Toronto


Oregon Area Progressives support the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and democracy.



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