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  • published Biden/Harris 2024 2024-02-04 11:41:28 -0600

    Biden/Harris 2024




    New York Times: Opinion Bidenomics is Still Working Very Well. Paul Krugman, February 22, 2024

    POLITICO: Thirty Things Joe Biden has Done As President that you might have missed. February 2, 2024


    Check out the Biden-Harris: The Record on the White House website.

    President Biden & VP Harris in Wisconsin


    VP Kamala Harris talking with caregivers

    La Crosse Tribune: Vice President Kamala Harris meets with long-term care workers in La Crosse. Caden Perry, April 22, 2024





    New York Times: Biden Announces Student Debt Relief for Millions in Swing-State Pitch. April 8, 2024





    President Biden in Superior WI


    Thumbnail of VP Kamala Harris speaking in Waukesha

    Vice President Kamala Harris' Speech on reproductive rights, delivered on January 22 in Wisconsin, courtesy of Wisconsin Eye.

    Click HERE:

    This is a free site. VP Harris's speech begins at 5m.


    • lowering costs of families' everyday expenses;

    • more people working;

    • rescued the economy and alleviated the pandemic;

    • rebuilding our infrastructure;

    • first meaningful gun legislation;

    • and the list goes on......

    For the complete record, and more detail, go to:

  • published Redistricting/Gerrymandering in Issues 2023-05-22 13:34:41 -0500


    Oregon Area Progressives supports passage of legislation to establish a nonpartisan process for creating voting district maps. People should pick their representatives. Politicians should not be allowed to choose their voters.

    In 2018 elections, Democrats won all five statewide races - Governor, Attorney General, US Senate, Secretary of State, and Treasurer - while the State Legislature retained a dominant Republican majority. This was a dramatic illustration of the deeply entrenched 2011 GOP partisan gerrymander. 

    Oregon Area Progressives decided to host the Fair Maps for Wisconsin (#FM4WI) Summit to educate, engage, and activate grassroots volunteers across the state to take action to end partisan gerrymandering. OAP invited national and state experts to Marshfield, WI in November of 2019 where they shared the expertise about the impacts of partisan gerrymandering on policy decisions and legislation, best practices in redistricting, organizational strategies, legislative lobbying, and ways to get media attention.

    Nearly 200 volunteers attended that #FM4WI Summit. Participants met in regional groups to discuss effective strategies in their part of Wisconsin and agreed to continue meeting. Following the #FM4WI Summit, a State Organizing Director was hired by the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition to continue the work started by OAP.

    We are proud of these efforts and the strides that have been made since toward achieving fairer legislative maps in Wisconsin.

    Check out these resources for information about redistricting and gerrymandering:


    Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition logo

    Mission Statement of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition:

    The mission of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is to ensure representative government for all, by advocating for and enacting (in law and practice) an independent and nonpartisan redistricting process, building a truly fair and accountable judiciary, and securing the rights of the populace to fair and equal access to voting, by educating and engaging the people of Wisconsin.


    Law Forward Logo with link

    Law Forward exists to protect and strengthen our democracy. Law Forward stands for a commitment to fair, transparent, and representative government; where Wisconsinites can participate in free, fair elections where their votes count.

    Law Forward is a pro-voter, pro-democracy nonprofit that was created because Wisconsin needed a legal organization that could strategically develop the law in the progressive tradition Wisconsin is known for. Law Forward builds cases and identify opportunities to protect the right to vote and strengthen free and fair elections. Their work engages policymakers, the legal community, and the public on legal issues, expanding both opportunities and demand for progressive change.

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